• Arthur Protasio

    Writer, Narrative Designer and Multiplatform Storyteller

  • As storyteller at heart, my lifelong passion is crafting riveting tales that leave a mark on the audience - no matter the genre or platform.


    The path I forged led me to acquire years of experience writing, designing and directing narratives for several IPs, both independent and big budget.

    All the way from award-winning theme parks to video games, VR, TV and movies, my portfolio includes projects for internationally renowned partners such as Disney, Samsung, Team 17, and TV Globo.


    My work on the TV show "Now Generation" was nominated for the International Digital Emmy while the tactical RPG "Sword Legacy: Omen" and VR adventure game "Angest" were awarded Best Game, Best Storytelling and Best VR.


    In 2015 I founded Fableware Narrative Design, an award-winning studio/label selected by the Rio Criativo business incubator to provide creative writing, narrative design and transmedia storytelling services.


    In 2019 I moved from the Atlantic Southeast, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver, Canada, while working on the VR game “Mickey Mouse and the Golden Heart”.

  • Awards & Partners

    Some of the accolades I've had the honor of winning along with esteemed allies

  • Portfolio Highlights

    Here are some of my unique achievements organized by platform



    I founded Fableware in 2015 after being selected for the Rio de Janeiro Creative Startup Incubator program.


    Since then, I've provided creative writing, narrative design, and transmedia services for diverse clients and IPs.

    Sword Legacy: Omen


    Embark on a brutal re-imagining of the King Arthur mythos as Uther, a vengeful knight in search of the long-lost Excalibur aided by Merlin, an eldritch sorcerer, in this challenging tactical RPG published by Team 17.


    As creative director, lead writer and business developer, I managed the narrative team and ensured the creative vision of the game stayed true to its core while developing a transmedia roadmap.


    Winner of Best Game at the Lisboa Games Week; Best Storytelling at SB Games Festival; finalist at SXSW, BIG, Quo Vadis, Indie Prize; and first LATAM game published by Team 17.

    Now Generation


    When technology guru Jonas Marra hosts a contest in his homeland, Brazil, to find a successor for his company, young hackers desperately compete to prove their worth. Geração Brasil (original title) was broadcast by TV Globo.


    As transmedia storytelling consultant, I worked with writers, directors, actors, and editors; and co-created the transmedia app, Filma-e.


    The show's transmedia app achieved over half a million downloads during the 2014 Soccer World Cup and earned a nomination for the International Digital Emmy Award for Digital Program: Fiction.

    Dark Scar


    When a heart broken journalist receives a mysterious phone call from his ex, he's forced to investigate an underground party and is drawn into a deadly trap.


    Negra Cicatriz (original title) is a novella with noir plot and illustrations. As the writer, I also directed the artist to represent the story's key moments.



    Hosted by Tiago Leifert, the show interviews special guests and digital influencers while presenting video game news and reviews.


    I was interviewed as an award-winning writer and expert on storytelling to talk about narrative design and play Sword Legacy on national television.

  • Games & VR

    Additional games and VR experiences I contributed to as writer, narrative designer and/or director

    Sci-fi Adventure VR Game

    Investigate the mysteries of space as Valentina, a Russian cosmonaut aboard a ship overseen by Konstantin, a vigilant AI. Beware, as you progress, your perception of reality might change in this surreal story-driven game for the GEAR VR.


    I was hired by Samsung as writer and narrative designer to develop the game's world, plot, and work with the team at Black River Studios.


    Winner of Best VR Game and Best Storytelling at SB Games Festival.

    Transmedia VR Experience & Brand Activation (PTBR)

    Become a patient of a mysterious hospital in this scary VR teaser. Embark on a transmedia experience in the world of the horror film O Rastro (original title), witness a grave encounter and then watch the movie to unravel the truth.


    I was the narrative director and lead writer of the experience which is intertwined with the film’s plot. As an independent initiative, through Fableware I united the movie's writer and producer from Lupa Filmes with the VR team from Akom Studio.


    Brand activation VR experience premiered along with the film's screenings at several theaters nationwide.

    Free to Play Online Multiplayer 2D Shooter

    A super fast-paced multiplayer 2D shooter where players face each other in maze-like arenas published by Versus Evil.


    I was hired by Bitcake Studio as narrative consultant to develop the world building for levels and characters.

    Fighting Game

    A unique multiplatform fighting game with accessible gameplay, fun dismemberment mechanics, unique settings and awesome characters with twisted storylines.


    I was hired by Flux Game Studio as narrative consultant to develop the world building for levels and characters.

    Online Multiplayer Card Game (PTBR)

    The official card game of the worldwide famous Saint Seiya anime franchise was developed for the release of the feature animation, Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary.


    In partnership with Diamond Films, Aiyra hired me as narrative designer to integrate the game mechanics and levels with the movie's script.

    The game scored 4.4 stars on Google Play and accumulated over half a million downloads.

    Local Multiplayer Art Game

    Lights Out is a minimalist multiplayer art game of pursuit, escape, and moral questioning based on human's limited perception.


    As director and narrative designer, I was responsible for writing and integrating the story and game mechanics.


    Selected by SB Games, FILE, and Games Brasil festivals.

    Political Newsgame (PTBR)

    Face moral dilemmas as a surveillance agent and make your choice: will you become a whistleblower? This is a thought-provoking political game inspired by the Wikileaks and Edward Snowden episodes.


    As writer and narrative designer, I designed the game's concept, mechanics and wrote the screenplay.


    Grassroots political movements praised the game's approach to political themes and was covered by several news media outlets.

  • Film, TV & Animation

    Additional films and shows I contributed to as screenwriter, director, and even game designer

    Documentary Film

    In partnership with directors, Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky, I translated and subtitled the film to Brazilian Portuguese.


    I also produced the Brazilian theatrical premiere of the documentary along with the international performances of chiptune artists, No Carrier and Nulsleep from 8bitpeoples.


    Winner of the Editing Award at Sundace Film Festival.

    Animated Documentary Short

    Discover the wonders of animation as the eccentric bard, Ludobardo, takes you on a journey through the history and evolution of video games.


    I was the director, screenwriter and voice actor for the protagonist/narrator, LudoBardo.


    Premiered at the International Anima Mundi Festival as the featured short for all video game related activities and sessions.

    Collaborative Variety TV Show (PTBR)

    Hosted by Lazaro Ramos, this creatively crowdfunded TV series started as an open online participation mediated by its writers and evolved into a variety series on national television broadcast by TV Globo.


    As screenwriter, I conceived and published creative challenges, received materials sent by users via the show’s website, and wrote scripts for the thematic episodes inspired and/or intertwined with user's content.


    As host of the weekly live stream on Facebook, I interacted with the community in preparation for the show's premiere.

    Variety & Game Show (PTBR)

    Hosted by Otaviano Costa, accomplished senior athletes over 60 years (some even Olympic medalists!) impress by competing against young contenders in challenging trials in this show by TV Globo.


    As screenwriter and game designer, I was responsible for writing the episode scripts, designing the challenges, interviewing the athletes and working with editors.

    Youtube channel

    Hosted by myself, this series analyzed the storytelling of games, TV shows and movies. It was praised by critics, featured by the CulturaDigital.Br festival, partner of MTV and Machinima; and adapted into the daily radio show, Mix Games at Radio Mix 102.1 FM.


    I was the creator of the series and executed every production stage from start to finish - from writing to directing, acting and editing - for the internet and radio.


    “One of the most serious reflections about game aesthetics (without ever sacrificing fun), useful to players and whoever wishes to investigate the popular paths of contemporary art.” Hermano Vianna; O Globo Newspaper.

    TV Documentary Series (PTBR)

    Comprised of 26 episodes, this docuseries focused on the analysis of video games as a social, cultural, industrial and commercial phenomenon in Brazil.


    As content consultant and interviewee, I was responsible for guiding the production team in getting in touch with other experts and recording gameplay footage.

  • Books & Essays

    Additional books and articles I wrote or contributed to as an author or editor

    Chapter of the book Well Played 3.0

    Part of the Well Played series from the ETC Press, this book is full of in-depth close readings of video games that parse out the various meanings to be found in the experience of playing a game.


    I wrote a chapter focused on the narrative analysis of the game Way of the Samurai 3 by pointing out how its peculiar mechanics and design contribute to the unique storytelling experience.

    Chapter of the book Gaming Globally

    A collection of articles focused on presenting nations not usually examined by game studies - including the former Czechoslovakia, Turkey, India, and Brazil - and new perspectives to the global hubs of China, Singapore, Australia, Japan, and the United States.


    I wrote a critical analysis snapshot of the Brazilian game market and industry. This article was co-authored with game designer and Extra Credits co-creator, James Portnow.

    Featured Gamastura Article

    In 2011 I wrote a featured article for Gamasutra analyzing the social perception of games in Brazil while discussing the cultural, political, and economic challenges that kept games from being recognized as a vital medium.

    Non-fiction Book and Screenwriting Guide (PTBR)

    Written by acclaimed Brazilian screenwriter Doc Comparato, this massive 720 page guidebook delves into the fundamentals of storytelling and analyzes different genres.


    Doc invited me to write for the "Writing for Games" chapter, share my perceptions regarding the unique aspects of the medium and how to tell stories through it.

    Anthology (PTBR)

    Jogador de Mil Fases (Player of a Thousand Stages) is an international anthology of essays analyzing games from a cultural, narrative, and personal perspective.


    I was the organizer of the book along with Guilherme Xavier and we edited essays from 12 authors. I also contributed with the portuguese version of my article "Narrative Reincarnation in The Way of the Samurai 3".

    Article for Digital Zone Anthology (PTBR)

    Digital Zone is an anthology comprised of articles which discuss art, technology, digital culture, storytelling, social media, aesthetics and politics.


    I wrote the article "Games: A Medium of Expression" which dives into the cultural perception of games, the threat they've faced with censorship, and how art and free speech are crucial to change any negative perception.

  • Talks & Festivals

    Selection of talks and interviews I've given plus events I've organized


    I was invited by the Microsoft Garage in Vancouver to give my talk "Mindful Storytelling" about narrative fundamentals and the connections between our brains and emotions in diverse experiences - from fables all the way to a script written by an AI.

    I discussed the importance of weaving content and medium together by presenting three case studies I worked on: Emmy nominated TV drama show, Now Generation; award-winning sci-fi adventure game, Angest; and tactical RPG retelling of Excalibur legends, Sword Legacy: Omen.


    At the SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America) 2020 Nebula Awards Conference, I gave the talk "Excalibur, Disney and Tactics! Crafting a story-driven RPG through Narrative, Aesthetics and Mechanics".


    I shared the core creative values of our project and showed both how they were crucial in developing our award-winning tactical RPG, Sword Legacy: Omen, and are applicable to storytelling in any medium.

    GDC Talk at the Narrative Summit

    A panel at the Game Developers Conference about the challenges of being a writer from another country where the culture and language might be completely different than in North America.


    I represented Latin America and spoke as part of a diverse cast of game writers presenting the strategies employed as a Brazilian writer with international experience.

    Keynote at BIG Festival with Chris Remo, Campo Santo

    How to make story-driven games that keep players engaged without combat, mechanical challenges, or traditional puzzles? Many developers have tackled this problem with very different results.


    Firewatch designer Chris Remo and I discussed lessons learned from different video game genres to maintain player interactivity and ways to create a unique story game experience.

    Panel with Mathieu de Fayet, director of Niantic

    The Institute for Technology & Society (ITS Rio) invited me and Mathieu de Fayet, VP Strategic Partnerships at Niantic Labs, to debate Augmented Reality and the smartphone.


    Mathieu presented the development story of Ingress and Pokemon Go and presented how storytelling can adapt to this new medium.

    Digital Media, Culture & Arts Festival (PTBR)

    A three-day international festival I devised and ran in Rio de Janeiro at the prominent museum Bank of Brazil Cultural Center (CCBB), to showcase Brazilian digital culture.


    As creator, host, and curator, I planned all the activities and sessions, presented talks with influencers, designed an art installation, and held exhibits for independent VR experiences, video games, fan films, podcasts, books, and art.

    Variety Interview TV Show (PTBR)

    Hosted by Liliane Reis, the show focuses on the art and culture scene, always investigating new trends and experiments by interviewing experts on the subject.


    I was interviewed about the Brazilian game industry and "free speech versus censorship" debate.

    Educational TV Show (PTBR)

    Hosted by Land Vieira, the show focuses on teaching students school subjects in a fun lighthearted tone. Professors and professionals are invited to talk about different career paths and their work experience.


    I was interviewed about the connection between Portuguese and writing for games, TV and films.

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